OJ Mayo Highlights from The Real Run- Summer 2007

You've heard of OJ.  No high school basketball player has received as much media attention as "The Juice" since Lebron James.  We got a chance to check him out every Friday this past Summer at the Real Run at Inglewood High School, where many of SoCal's finest pro, college and highschool players met up to get some runs in. OJ was there. And he was impressive.  The kid is an absolute killer on the court- a combination of Salim's jumper, Ray Allen's size, and MJ's killer instinct. Here is a sneak preview of what we will get to see this year when he dons the USC Trojan uniform, but don't get too comfortable- because this kid is planning a short stay in LA. (If video keeps pausing, chill for a minute and let it load!)




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